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Counseling Services
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Individuals & Couples
Unlike most mental health professionals, RRLPS offers counseling services up to two hours per session depending on the needs of the client(s). That way, your sessions are not concluded at the end of a standard 60-minute session, which is usually the peak time of addressing your most pressing issue of that particular session. Our clients are not left hanging for another week to address their most urgent matters during any one session.

To learn more about our counseling services, please complete and submit a contact form for a free one-hour consultation.

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Relationship Readiness Workshop / Seminar

In today’s world where the divorce rate is high (50% the first time; 64% the second time and 71% the third time) and the stress level for many people is even higher due to a wide variety of issues. This program serves a dual purpose in that it facilitates the participants ability to improve their self-esteem, self-awareness and replenish their resilience in  order to prepare the participants to learn how to develop healthy relationships with themselves and others. This program is intended help diminish Intimate Partner Violence, Bullying and retaliatory behaviors in the workplace. The program is designed for schools, community organizations, churches and businesses of all sizes in all industries. 

To learn more about our SEL Seminars and Workshops, please complete and submit a contact form for a one-hour free consultation. 

Virtual Education
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Virtual Education / Training Programs Coming Soon!

Quite often, in today’s business world, supervisors and managers are promoted into their respective new positions and are not provided with any training and education to manage a diverse staff effectively. As a result of poor management in regard to employee relations in the areas of Progressive Discipline, Labor/Management Relations and the Annual Performance Review Process, this may lead to low employee morale, high absenteeism and frequent turnover. Not to mention, poor management of employees can also lead to wrongful terminations that result in very costly litigation and expensive legal settlements.

With the consultation, education and customized training programs suited specifically for your organization, our team at RRLPS will create and facilitate training programs to improve the management skills of your business leaders in all of the aforementioned areas related to employee relations.

Good, well trained managers foster team work and positive relationships with staff at all levels of the organization. Please note, “A happy employee is a productive employee.”

To learn more about our employee relations Consultation, Education and Training Programs, please complete and submit a contact form for a free one-hour consultation.

Employee Relations
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