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Where we Consult, Counsel and Educate clients about life and work.

RRLPS is a unique all-purpose service that addresses the emotional needs of people in life and the training / educational needs of people at work.

We Do

Counseling for couples, families, employees & business leaders 

We provide counseling services for individuals and groups to facilitate their ability to overcome personal issues and empower them to take back their lives.

Our Relationship Readiness program raises the awareness of couples regarding their emotional deficits that lead to dysfunctional relationships. This program seeks to improve their resilience, self-esteem, self-awareness, and their ability to find healthy relationships.

Our management educational/training programs improve the leadership skills of managers and directors in the areas of Employee Relations regarding Progressive Discipline, Annual Performance Reviews, Labor/Management Relations and Emotional Intelligence. 

We Do it

As the creator of RRLPS, Robert T. Gardner Jr, has discovered through his more than 20 years of experience as a senior human resources leader that business managers and leaders tend to lead from a lack of trust and insecure perspective. That management style is not good for productivity and lowers staff morale, which leads to high turnover.

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We Do it for

Corporations, Schools, Small Businesses & Groups

We service businesses of all sizes and types in both non-union and unionized workplaces. Based on Robert Gardner’s research and experience, many people from all industries are unhappy with the way they are supervised and treated at work by managers who lack effective management skills and abilities who punish their employees with harsh disciplinary acts and create hostile work environments, which can lead to costly litigation for their respective organizations.

You'll Benefit

Informed, Confident , Effective Better Business Leaders

Your managers and business leaders will improve overnight with our management training and education programs in Employee Relations. Our interactive training programs in the areas of progressive discipline, the Annual Review process and labor/management relations are the key to success for management of your employees. At the completion of our training programs, your business leaders will be more informed, more confident, more effective, and much more capable of handling the employee relations daily activities for your business.

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